Image credit: Pocho Sanchez Strawbridge
Image credit: Pocho Sanchez Strawbridge 

Thank you Sebastopol! 

Thank you for electing me to the Sebastopol City Council! I will work hard to improve access to our city council, further develop our partnerships with county, state, and federal agencies, improve safety through the pairing of mental health services with law enforcement efforts, provide youth mentorships and support our downtown businesses. 









Elected officials:

Anne Magnie, former Sebastopol Mayor

Larry Robinson, former Sebastopol Mayor and City Councilmember

Una Glass, member, Sebastopol City Council and former Mayor

Sarah Glade Gurney, Sebastopol City Council and former Mayor

Diana Rich, member, Sebastopol City Council

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Stephen Zollman for Sebastopol City Council   Paid for by Committee 4 Stephen C. Zollman to Sebastopol City Council 2022   FPPC # 1455887    569 Cleveland Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472